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What You Can Do:

1. Spread this information to everyone. Take it to your elected officials in Washington, your state legislators, county commissioners, city councilmen, church members and leaders, co-workers, family members, neighbors, and friends. Help them see how these programs not only affect the land, but their lives, the tax base, and their future. It will help them understand the driving force behind this buying frenzy.

2. Knowledge is Power. You are now armed with enough information to make a difference. Your own personal awareness and understanding of the larger agenda being implemented has a tremendous impact. You will now be able to identify the programs that are enabling this transformation of ownership in America giving you the opportunity to oppose such action.

3. Create a Powerful Political Force. There are many well organized groups that have the expertise and experience fighting these battles, in local communities, statehouses, on Capital Hill, and in the court room. Find one or more you agree with and support their efforts. Together, we can all become a strong, viable force to turn the tide on the environmental movement.

4. Contact the Media. Everyone has contacts in one form or another with local, state and national media. Make as many contacts as possible with those sources and watch this information spread.

5. Protect your Land and Livelihood. Once an area has been targeted for inclusion into one of these environmental programs, individual landowners must act to protect themselves. Should the need arise, get good legal counsel to ensure the best possible outcome.

6. Add to “Taking Liberty.” If you know, hear or read of a plan in your area, send the information via the website, www.takingliberty.us. We will be periodically updating the database to keep this program current. Email us and explain what information is needed for inclusion into Taking Liberty.

7. Protect this Land of Liberty. As overwhelming as this information is, it is not the end of the fight to secure private property in America, but for many, the beginning. This information can alarm, educate, motivate and activate millions of Americans to wake up and realize freedom is not free. “Taking Liberty” removes the mask from the environmental movement. We must stop those who wish to take and destroy our liberty and restore our faith in freedom, private property and America itself.

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